Light source applications for the physical layer, including FTTx CATV PON and long haul networks.

WELLZiON’s light sources offer versatility in measuring fiber optic light continuity, loss and quality in field, lab, and manufacturing environments.

Light Source Testing Equipment

Choose an Light Source that your needs

Fiber optic light source is a fiber optic test equipment to measure the fiber optic loss for both single mode fiber cable and multimode fiber cables; usually the fiber optic light source is used with the fiber optic power meters.

Light sources are an essential element of the fiber optic testing process. They’re used by technicians to stimulate the optical voice, video, and data signals of real-life service applications.

Used together with our fiber optic power meter, they act as an economic and efficient solution for the fiber optic network works.

Light Source

Important Factors for Choosing a Light Source. LS310 Series units work in conjunction with a Visual Fault Locator (VFL) for detecting bends, splices, and faults in optical fiber.

light source


Double Wavelength Light Source.1310 ± 20nm (FP-LD) and
1550 ± 20nm (FP-LD) wavelengths. > -5dBm Output Power and 40 hours’ working time.

Light source


Triple Wavelength Light Source.1310 ± 20nm (FP-LD), 1550 ± 20nm (FP-LD) and 1490 ± 3nm (DFB) wavelengths. > -3dBm Output Power and 40 hours’ working time.

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